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Current Students

Housing Deposits
Requesting a refund:
Housing deposits are refunded to the student upon request when all financial obligations of the resident are paid and the lease contract is fulfilled.

A deposit refund may be forfeited, reduced, or held for the following reasons (but not limited to):

• Failure to properly check out of the residence hall/apartment.
• Damages to the residence hall room/apartment.
• Expulsion from the university.
• Breaking a contract/lease.
• Failure to check-in by 5 p.m. on the first class day of each semester.
• Failure to request the deposit within 15 days of check out.
• Balance owed on student account.
• Student account on hold.
• Incoming Freshman and transfer students forfeit their deposit after May 1 for the Fall semester, and December 15 for the Spring semester.

At the end of each semester, resident assistants (RA's), residence hall directors, and maintenance staff may inspect each room for damages after all students have checked out. Damages will be deducted from the deposit or billed (if greater than $200). Excessive damages to a room are in violation of residence hall policy and may be cause for immediate termination of the lease contract. Refunds will generally be mailed between six to eight weeks after the request has been made. Requests for a deposit refund must be submitted within 15 days of check-out!

For additional information please consult the University catalog and/or the Office of Residence Life and Housing at 325-793-6550.