Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up for housing?

A: Once you have been accepted to McMurry University and paid your $250 deposit to the admissions office, you will received a packet from the housing office. This packet gives a brief description of each residence hall and what is provided in each. These packets will begin being mailed out in late February or early March. Once you have received your packet, please follow the directions for submitting your lease.

Once your lease has been received and processed by our Housing department, you will be all set. You will receive your room assignment during one of our SOAR sessions or during the first week of August. If you have paid your $250 deposit and not received a packet by mid-March, please contact our Residence Life and Housing Office at 325-793-6550.
Please note that all students are required to live on-campus unless they meet one of the following requirements: Completed more than 60 credit hours on campus, are over the age of 21, are living with their parent or legal guardian, or have an exception for the Dean of Students.

Q: Can I check in early?
A: If you need to check in early call 325-793-6550 to obtain permission* and make arrangements. This will ensure that a staff member is available to assist you upon arrival. You may look at the calendar of events to see when you are allowed to move in to your room.
*Early check-ins are only allowed in special circumstances.

Q: What size are the beds?
A: Beds are extra long twin-size.

Q: Are microwaves allowed?
A: Microwaves are permitted in all halls EXCEPT PRESIDENT. The electrical circuitry in this hall simply does not safely support the demand. There are microwaves available in the community kitchen in President Hall. Residents of all other halls may have ONLY ONE microwave per room.

Q: Are there refrigerators in the rooms?
A: No. You must bring your own if you would like one in your room.Full-size refrigerators are not allowed.

Q: Are lofts permitted in the rooms?
A: Unfortunately for the safety of the student and the equipment, lofts are not permitted in the rooms. Beds in Hunt, Martin, and President have the appropriate equipment available to raise or bunk the beds. The style of the beds in Gold Star do not support raising or bunking. Storage facilities for University furniture is not available so all furniture provided will need to remain inside the students' room. Any damages to the room and/or it's contents will be the responsibility of the student.

Q: Can I have guests visit me?
A: The guest visitation hours are as follows:

Students may have opposite sex visitors in their room:
Everyday 12 noon to 12 midnight
(The lobbies are open every day from 7 a.m. - 2 a.m.)

Same sex visitors are permitted 24 hours a day.

Family members may be permitted to visit outside of normal visitation hours if the student obtains permission from their Residence Hall Director. This is to ensure emergency contact information is available and other residents are not displaced during visits.

Q: Can I change roommates?
A: To allow time for adjustments to be made for students that arrive late, or no-show, students generally may not make changes to their room assignment until the time designated by the residence life staff (typically the third or fourth week after the semester begins, see calendar of events for exact dates). During this time period, students are permitted to change rooms with no charge, provided they make a space for space change and do not create any new vacancies in requesting the change. It is always the student's responsibility to find a roommate and to make all arrangements for any changes. All room changes are subject to the authorization of the Residence Hall Director, and changes made after the designated period will be subject to a $50 fee.

Q: How long must I reside on campus?
A: McMurry prides itself on being a thriving intellectual and residential environment. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to remain on campus during their entire academic careers at McMurry. This is the best way to fully take in the McMurry experience, to become most involved on campus, and to be most successful. If you are still interested in residing off-campus, students residing in the Abilene area (within a 30 mile radius from campus) with their legal guardians (for tax purposes) may do so with permission from the Director of Residence Life.

Q: How do I obtain approval to live off campus?
A: Approval to live off campus must be obtained from the Residence Life and Housing Office (Campus Center 104) through application. You must meet one of the following requirements to be granted off campus approval:

You have earned at least 60 credit hours.
You are at least 21 years of age.
You are married.
You live with a parent or legal guardian within 30 miles of McMurry.

In order not to be billed for room and board an off campus application must be filled out and approved. You will be notified by mail of the decision. Look for more information and the application here.

Q: Will I get my housing deposit back?
A: Housing Deposits are used to collect on damages to the room. The deposits are rolled-over each year automatically until the student graduates or fulfills the terms of their lease contract. Prospective students that decide not to attend McMurry will forfeit their housing deposit. It is the student's responsibility to request a refund for a housing deposit within 15 days of check-out. Students must ask their RA or Hall Director for a housing deposit refund application. Providing that there has been no damage to the room and the student does not owe a balance on their student account they will be eligible to receive their full refund. If the student fails to request their deposit within 15 days of check-out they will not be eligible for a refund. Students should carefully read their McMurry Catalog for more specific information on the return of housing deposits.